"There's nothing more
precious than your body.
When you control it,
nobody can control you:
this is an awakened state"
– Wayne Lèal

WAYNE LÈAL, the creator of Four Elements Holistic Training, approaches life with a tenacious resolve that has become his driving force for success. His training is an expression of human creativity; mindful movement, form, shape and imagination. He says; 'A body in balance inspires 'confidence', that intangible thing that makes the incredible difference between feeling weak and being powerful.'

He has had a successful and varied professional career including being a 'Small Businessman of the Year' award winner, Creative Director and magazine publisher.

Wayne has also had to overcome invasive surgery and the injuring of every major joint in his body through contact sports, motorcycle accidents and general bad luck.


What do a 61-year-old female QC and a 34-year-old former
World Middleweight Boxing Champion have in common?

Answer: Four Elements Holistic Training

THE PIONEERING BASIS of 'Four Elements Holistic Training' is the encompassing of interchangeable holistic programmes: WATER (KUNAQUA), AIR and EARTH (JUMPGA). The fourth element, FIRE, manifests itself in the form of improved body image, self-esteem, and confidence. The precept is based on the Transtheoretical Model of Behavioural Change, a 35-year empirical study that conceptualises the process of intentional behavioural change.

The training is a combination of moderate and high intensity activity that goes far beyond mere athletic performance. It addresses focus, power, strength, flexibility, suppleness and balance, but is simultaneously low impact; making it suitable for all ages.

It changes people perception of exercise being intense and time-consuming. It teaches them how to enjoy being active by tweaking their beliefs and expectations.



Evening Standard Sun Grazia Yoga Magazine
Metro Sky Sports Daily Star

"Mentor, coach and inspirational motivational speaker. If more people could be as passionate as Wayne we would all look like Super Heroes"

Libby Grace: Business Life


IN 2013 I WON the World Middle Weight Boxing Title. It still feels like yesterday because it's never something that you forget when you've achieved a life long goal.
I owe a lot to Wayne because his mental approach got rid of my demons and his training approach kept me in the fight of my life. But the truth is if it were not for me carrying injuries and finding traditional boxing training painful I would never have entertained doing what I did with Wayne. It was so far removed from what everyone does; running, skipping, sit-ups and weight lifting. That I still pinch myself knowing that I became a champion without doing all that stuff. I am a huge fan and living proof that what he does works and want more people to know about him.

Darren Barker Former IBF World
Middleweight Champion

Wayne Leal


Wayne Leal

"Everyone can have a great body in their 20s and 30s.
precious thFew can boast still having the body of a 20 or 30-year-old
once in their 40s or 50s but you can aspire to it."
– Wayne Lèal

THE RETREAT is for all levels of fitness; however, it consists of around 2-3 hours of Kun-Aqua and JumpGa exercise per day. Attendees can lose around 10 pounds on the retreat and people typically experience a number of the following effects: improved complexion, brighter eyes, increased energy, improved digestion and even looking 5 years younger!